Fueled with years of experience, knowledge, and obsession for cutting-edge structures, BLOCX provides innovative solutions within the adrenalin-pumping world of climbing.
Whether it’s a diversion or passion, BLOCX transforms concepts into reality.

Our construction principle requires that the entire load is carried by the supporting structure, but never by the skin of the wall. All life-points are directly fixed via M12 bolts into the back-construction; hence, a falling climber does not create any load onto the panels.

BLOCX Asia Pacific utilizes steel back-construction for wall sub-structure. Mild steel trusses fixed to existing sub-structure or freestanding tower constructions build the primary frame. The secondary frame, also of mild steel, acts as the connection between the trusses and the panels. (BLOCX Switzerland primarily uses timber for their sub-structures)

Depending on the size of the project, we partly or completely pre-fabricate a wall in our factory, allowing for time-effective installations.