This dutch themed facade is in fact a little climbing wall for little people. A work in progress...
BLOCX Engineer, Travis Kale "Sadly Morocco's skilled pick-pocketers claimed my best photos, but we still loved the tagine, the rock, the desert.. and the camels (he kind that spit, not smoke). Oh, and we built a cool wall for the largest mall on the African contenient."
Ed, Theo, Colette, Doug and Harrie, Teachers of the British School practicing top-rope rescue during the Wall Supervisor Training.
2 freestanding boulder blocks with internal cave system are our contribution to a fancy child care centre in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The boulders feature various opening, so that the cave can be explored without the need of headlights..
For the British International primary School we established an exciting arrangement consisting of top-rope wall, boulder walls and a cave. The facilities are set prominently in the heart of the school wrapped by the central stair case. The kids love it, jumping onto the boulderwall any free minute.
Onsight is the latest and largest climbing gym in Singapore. We built a tope rope wall with lead section over the arch in the centre featuring 26 anchors!
Routesetter's put the finishing touches on Monash Univeristy's brand new climbing walls. Located right next to the cafe both walls will be a great place to hang out and show off!
Patrick and Andreas undertake Trublue Service Technician Training, at Boulder Colorado, as part of plans to set up Trublue's South East Asia Repair/Recertification Centre at BLOCX factory in Malaysia.
BLOCX booth at this years Climbing Wall Association Summit included a miniature boulderwall featuring our modular back construction. Patrick held a speech about Wall Design, while Timy talked about Safety Flooring.
This boulderblock makes it up to the 4th floor in style! Stay tuned for Block #2...
Fresh out of the workshop, a WARP boulder with big imprint features. Destination Hongkong!
Dear Clients and Friends. We wish you great fun for the coming holiday.
Catch some snow, ice, dynos or waves, whatever you love doing most.
However, most importantly; go with the flow and MOVE, so that those extra calories get burnt!
Thanks for your support over the years. We are looking forward for great adventures to come!
Comp wall in Camp5 completed. Ready for opening event.
Jeremy is currently in Kuwait conducting a training course for the staff of the 360degree Mall. The translucent wall is in full swing! view project>>
Climb Asia Singapore, climbing gym extension.
This is latest picture of the new tower at Camp5.
Young and old enjoyed our cave at the IAAPA fair in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia last week. You can check out some more pictures here
We deliver a display boulder block with internal cave to the Petzl Malaysia factory
Visit us at the Asian Attractions 2010 Expo in Kuala Lumpur from 13th to 16th of July.We are at booth 1209. Just
look for the WARPED climbing wall and our brand new cave container!

Business as usual last weekend at the annual Blocbuster at B2 in Switzerland while Camp5 was fully loaded during the boulder and 24 hour endurance comp.

Our latest volume series can now be observed with a virtual reality viewer!
click here to view>>
Patrick, Jeremy and Timy are off to Boulder, Colorado, USA to represent BLOCX and Camp5 at the CWA summit!
Check out our 2010 catalogue update with the latest projects and some new concepts.
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Those lucky girls... view project>>
We have donated our volume protoypes to Camp5. Today we had a blast with the routesetters.
We successfully installed a new engine in the Blocx's van by our very own team.
We started our volume series, consisting of limited editions, signed by the shaper.
Loadtest at Cempaka Ladies College. Stay tuned for photos of the wall and boulder!
University of New Mexico "Wolves" training hard in the home garage of Timy Fairfield and Brandi Proffit; aka the Game Room.
Our installation team has successfully set up the translucent wall in 360 Mall, Kuwait. Stay tuned for updates.
Frank Vidal, Rock Artist, test climbing the fossil rock wall of Universal Studios
Singapore. view project>>
The Redpoint Autobelay manufacturer - MSA has issued a STOP Use Notice of all redpoint autobelays worldwide untill further notice - click here to download the full report
Mike has just finished shaping the holds for the fossil wall at Universal Studios Sentosa. Have a look at the prototype!
Conceptual design for Camp 5 extension is completed. Read more>>
Blocx is venturing into the vibrant US market, appointing Timy Fairfield as or
agent. Read more>>

“The more you try to imitate
real rock, the more you limit
the possibilities.

Outdoors – on earth’s mountains, crags and boulders – are the moves that inspire us, the essence of our sport. Real rock offers no limits.

Within the compressed world of an artificial climbing wall, however, imitating natural rock ultimately creates boundaries.

Understanding that the outdoors cannot be replicated, we regard indoor climbing a discipline of its own. Our walls are constantly evolving. The BLOCX creative process continues tirelessly as we keep pushing..

Belay Device

TRUBLUE is the next generation of indoor and outdoor climbing wall auto belays. Designed specifically for the climbing industry, the TRUBLUE unit uses ..
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